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Living Well Is The Best Revenge chronicles the story of Charlene Brazelton, a woman who rebuilds her life after being plagued by a series of hardships, toxic relationships and ambitious pursuits.  Prolonged stress and protracted suffering have debilitated her self-confidence and shifted her focus away from God and His promises.  Hitting rock bottom forces Charlene to take a sobering look at her circumstances and that period of reflection proves to be a defining moment in her life.  From the valley of the shadow of death, Charlene reaches up to God, the only one who can help her.  And rediscovering her faith in Him proves to be her saving grace.        

​Click here to read "Faith for the Journey", a soul-stirring excerpt from Living Well Is The Best Revenge.
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Elle Bailey's You Tube Channel
​If you love stories of hope and inspiration, then this channel is for you. It features moving personal testimonies as well as stories of redemption and reconciliation. All of the videos chosen for this channel promote Christian values and righteous living. Additionally, a good number of the videos serve as a great source of empowerment and encouragement for those trying to overcome challenging life circumstances including physical and mental health issues, financial pressure, marital and relationship issues, family matters, abuse, addiction and more.  

Recommended Reading
Knowledge is power.  A slew of power-packed books have been selected to educate, encourage, inspire and inform you on a range of contemporary life matters including love & marriage, parenting, personal finance, finding your purpose, handling adversity, conquering fear, overcoming grief and much more.  Empower yourself to succeed in every area of your life by embracing and applying the biblical principles explored in our library of books by some of today's leading Christian authors and authorities on each subject matter.         

Podcasts with Purpose 
​If curling up with a good book is not feasible, check out some of the podcasts that we've bookmarked for your listening pleasure and personal edification.  On iTunes, you'll find free downloadable sermons and Bible studies by some of the world's most influential pastors and teachers.  And on Streaming Faith, you'll find webcasts of dynamic sermons delivered at some of the most prominent Christian churches in the country.   

The Body of Christ | A Church Directory
​While traditional and social media products are great tools to enhance your understanding of the message of the gospel, there is no substitute for participating in worship services, educational programs and fellowship opportunities provided by a local body of believers.  We've assembled a list of some of the most notable, thriving congregations from coast to coast to help you find a local church family.  Consult the list and confer with friends, colleagues and neighbors to help you identify churches which may be a good fit for your family and you.  After several visits to each, pray to the Lord for confirmation of your new church home.  Remember, not only do you need a church family, a church family needs YOU.  

Blog | Share Your Story
​It's true, there are eight million stories in the city.  And yours is one of them.  In His infinite wisdom, God created you for a purpose.  He blessed you with unique gifts and talents.  And He gave you a key role in His plan for all mankind.  As such, the world needs to hear from you!  People need to hear about your trials and triumphs, your victories as well as your defeats.  Why?  Because you are God's workmanship and you were created to do good works.  Though you may think otherwise, there is value in your life experiences.  There is wisdom that you need to share.  There are lessons which other believers may learn from you.  And there is hope and encouragement which may be gleaned from your story.  So give others the benefit of your experience.  Better still, give God the glory.  Share your story with believers around the world today.  
Like Charlene, if you're buckling under the weight of your responsibilities or if you just need your spirit lifted, use the resources below to renew your faith in God and develop a deeper understanding of His awesome wonder.

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