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One of the pivotal points in Living Well Is The Best Revenge is the moment when Charlene decides to resurrect her long forgotten dream of becoming a writer. Consumed by the cares of daily life—work, marriage and children—over time, she’d lost sight of herself. She’d lost sight of interests, goals and dreams which she once held dear. Inspired by her new love and driven by a desire to succeed, Charlene discovers her passion and purpose while penning her memoir. Through writing, not only does she exorcise her demons, but Charlene soon comes to realize the reason for the pain of her past. She learns that all of the abuse, the divorce, the breakdown, financial ruin and all the other things she’d suffered had come with and for a purpose. Those trials had come to prepare her to fulfill her purpose. They’d come to prepare her to minister to women particularly the downtrodden. Showing others her wounds and sharing her story of redemption and restoration would become her life’s work. That revelation gave Charlene a new lease on life.  It also changed the course of her life in dramatic fashion.  

Click here to read “A Star Is Born”, a life-changing excerpt from Living Well Is The Best Revenge.

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A wise person once said that dreams are clues to your untapped potential and God's unlimited resources.  Like Charlene, you may have a long forgotten dream that may actually be the key to your life's work.  To that end, we've assembled a directory of resources that may prove useful in helping your revive your dream.  Click on the links below to access the directory.      

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